The Randomness: Stop Drinking The Kool Aid

For some reason the vast majority of people have unrealistic expectations of life. You see it on all these from nothing to something shows like American Idol. They expect to not work hard and find a shortcut to wealth. Most don’t even have any dreams any more except one of two outcomes; famous for absolutely nothing or wealth without struggle and resolve. This observation became glaringly clear this past weekend. My better half and I decided to something out of the ordinary. So we hopped in the ride and rode out to the slots in West Virginia.

When we got there the randomness smacked me in the face once again. There were people of all nationalities there all with one goal in mind; to leave richer than they came. They believed all the game they were told. They believed the could beat the slots and even worse the odds. You could tell who just got there and who just lost the rent money. Heavy cigarette smoke was cutting my breath off; the free drinks were watered down and that was just the beginning. While walking through the joint I saw some the most craziest looking people I have ever seen in my life.

They all looked completely different but they all had the same look on their face; they looked liked someone had pissed on their parade. After I lost $20 to the slots I decided to take a break and I found some benches between the smoking and non smoking sections. This was a comical part of the night for me. You would see people laughing and smoking with their friends and stop dead in their tracks when they seen the no smoking sign. It was like superman seeing a steaming pile of kryptonite. Not to mention I saw morbidly obese people smoking and eating greasy food; they gave no fucks about a surgeon general’s recommendation.

Excess seemed to be bliss for them. It gets better. While moving from pit to pit you could tell who serious gamblers were. They had cards in the slot machines that were attached to their body by shoelace strings with metal clips on them. They were serious about losing their money. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why people thought they were different. They thought they could beat the system; they thought the odds applied to everyone else but them. The real kicker of the night for me was seeing people actually making a date of it literally. Women were in there with high heels and long skirts; dudes in suits and dress shoes.

They all had one thing in common they had all drunk out the same cup of unrealistic expectation. These probably are the same people complaining about the shitty economy and lack of jobs yet they had no problem fucking off the little bit of money they might have. They thought they would get something for nothing. The sad part about it is you could tell these people were serious gamblers that just kept looking to hit big.

They believed the lie for a lifetime. Who knows how many opportunities were missed and relationships ruined over this illusion of something for nothing. Life is hard but it’s fair. You can’t expect to win a rigged game yet people fall for it everytime. Just give them the kool aid; they will drink and ask for more. My advice to you is put the damn cup down. Kings create their kingdom. They don’t suckered into someone else’s game.

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