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In my day to day interactions and observations I hear many a brother asking someone to put them on to an opportunity. Truthfully speaking I’m tired of hearing that saying. Forget a burial for the word nigger; we need one for the phrase “put me on”. My problem with it is not necessarily what you might think. I know being a man of color ain’t no joke in this western society. I know the odds are stacked against us on the daily and I also know how we are perceived in this society. Another thing I know without a doubt; we possess unlimited potential.

Don’t get it twisted I’m all for brothers looking out for each other and helping the next man prosper. The thing I don’t like about it is leaves you at the mercy of another man’s ego. When your at the mercy of someone else time schedule you almost always lose out. By asking for help it admits a certain level of weakness and vulnerability on your end. You wouldn’t ask someone for help unless you really needed it and people tend to use that for leverage over you in future situations. In a perfect world people would help out just out kindness and compassion but unfortunately the world we have come to known is choc full of assholes. People are always trying to gain the upper hand even in the most insignificant encounters. To many people; life is a competition anda race that they are constantly running.

Everybody has been told to compete against each other in order to reach the finish line. What they fail to realize is that when they are creators of their lives and destinies they no longer have to compete with the masses for table scraps. You have to define your own reality and make your own dreams come true. I became tired of competing for trivial things that this society deems important. The illusion of status and prestige no longer gets play in my G ride. So what’s your excuse? You came from a messed up family ? Me too. You black with limited opportunities on the horizon? Me too. Nobody wants you to think and become a king on your own. They want you to wait for them to toss you table scraps. By you waiting your wasting valuable time as well as fucking off your God given creativity. Why do you want to be put on so badly? Are you scared of trying something different because your scared of failure and taking control of your life?

If you are I’m here to tell you that ain’t the nature of a king. It is always better to act now with no regard and apologize for your actions later. Quit wasting time and stop waiting. I guess you must want to be one of those people whose brain is full of what if questions by the time they reach 50. The kings road is rough; the kings road is rugged. But damn it I love it. I have never felt so alive and so free even with the constraints I live with on the regular. Moral of the story: put yourself on fuck waiting for a helping hand. Be the hand that helps yourself.

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