Stress Test

The road to redemption is full of barbwire, shrapnel, c4 particles, dried gasoline and match heads. It doesn’t help you cause friction with your steel toe boots and don’t plan on stopping no time. Everything you have to endure on this path your significant other must brunt as well. Exhaustion, short words and shitty attitudes are par for the course; after all your life is on line. If you already have your queen or king I’m pretty sure you have subjected them to a stress test in one way or another. 

Women test men all the time through a series of tests to see if the potential suitor meets her needs and ambitions. As a king or queen you must do the same to your throne mate. The test doesn’t have to long drawn out exercises or combines but they need to be effective. A scenario would be coming up with a hypothetical devastating situation whether it emotionally, financially or physically tumultuous; then relay the situation to your S/O with a straight face. 

Gauge their reaction to said situation. If the answer isn’t to your liking you must part ways for a number of reasons. The vast majority of people only want to around when the cameras are around and after the millions have been made. The average person has no inkling on the amount of work required to become a millionaire. If your partner doesn’t understand the grind and all the variables that come with it, they will become a liability in the long run not an asset. 

The nagging, complaining and constant doubt coming from them will only make you lose focus and drain your precious energy. There only so many hours in the day; if you spend a good amount of day dealing with relationship drama how can you have the clarity you need to focus of the minutia of mastery?  You already know the answer to that; most if not all extremely successful people have partners that understand why they aren’t home up under them all the time. 

Your partners grind must match yours. There are no exceptions to that truth; you can deny it all you want but time will prove you wrong. If they aren’t passionate about accomplishing things for themselves your grind will be the subject box slick talk and hate. The relationship will also become a power struggle over time and once it reaches that point it’s pretty much over.

 Find your stress test for your other half; you are out here fighting for your legacy. You don’t wanna come and have to fight your better half too. Stay Regal.

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