Tale From The Bottom

Live from the dreaded social services line

All shapes and sizes races of every kind

Despair in the air and in their eyes

Clueless children in strollers letting out sonic cries

Security checkin IDs let in 5 folks at a time

Workers got attitudes like they above the people in the line

Different numbers depending on what services you need

Get there at 8 in the mornin and you dont leave out til 3

Random folks askin you if you do drugs

Cuz they need you to piss for them they will even slide you a couple of dubs

Every one is in a pissy mood

Explaining to some one that doesn’t care why they don’t have any food

Funny how the world always kicks the downtrodden

Create the causes of poverty but say the poor people are the problem

From summer to summer, autumn to autumn

This will be a neverending tale from the bottom

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