Tar & Feather


The more I pursue the kingdom the more I become aloof and indifferent to a lot of nonsense. I guess the inmates can sense the shift in my energy because of all of a sudden people that I don’t even interact with are waiting for the next Megabus to throw me under. I don’t get it and I probably never will. My body is there but my mind is running over the escape route constantly. I still do my chores but for some reason people running to the supervisor on me. This one b***h takes the cake tho. She passed by my jail cell and I minimized something I was working on for the kingdom and she has the audacity to run to the supervisor and tell him I’m playing a game. Only reason I found this out is because I stayed late one day and overheard her running to him.

This same heffer sits in her cell and looks at bikinis and travelocity all day. I guess the devil can sense the gravity of the moves I am slowly bringing to life. She aint know what the f**k I was doin but had the nerve to s**t on me just cuz. I went to clear it up and confronted her bout it and she was looking dumb when I ethered her by summing up her life in a ten second tirade. Other people I’m actually cool with keep saying that there is something different about me lately. I keep hearing you come in here and act like you just not concerned about the bulls**t that goes on in here. You just have this blank look on your face you aint bothered either way. Truthfully I’m really not. I guess that’s the beauty of finally doin for self.

I really don’t care about anything but the kingdom and my family. I find it funny that people want to tar and feather me for no other reason than they have nothing else better to do. Even worse, just because they don’t know what you are doing they want to draw attention to you. Their nosy ass just want to know what you are up to for no reason other than boredom. I see why gossip and reality shows are so popular now. The majority of people’s lives nowadays is spent watching other people’s lives just so they can talk about them to make themselves feel bigger than the measly existence they have carved out for themselves. Eh go figure. Yet another tale about human folly.

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