On the road to diesel n***a status I have came up with a way to eat what I want and develop will power at the same damn time. Most diets are too restrictive and that is why the fail. They wear you down and don’t build any willpower which is a necessary component in order to turn into Adonis. This works for me but might not work for you. Whenever I get the taste for something that will f**k up the hard work I have been doing I have 4 fork or spoonfuls of it and chase it with a deluge of water. I find that when I have the taste in my mouth it cuts the craving off in my brain. By flooding my body with water it tricks my brain into believing the urge has been satisfied. When I get the urge to eat more and finish whatever it is I drink so much water that I feel full. It takes willpower to not finish the food and even more to reach for water when it’s staring you in the face. Willpower is a skill not some innate force in man. Like all skills it has to be practiced in order to become an asset in the long run. Once you have developed it your life will improve dramatically. This method might not work for you but anything that directly makes you strengthen your willpower is not going to be easy.

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