Really Tho?

(Sigh)Take a look at the black madam. This is a transgendered ass injector from Philadelphia whose name is Padge Victoria Windslowe. Now who in their right mind would trust this individual to perform a medical procedure in a hotel room? I’ll wait… Ladies yall have taken this fake ass thing too far. Two people have died as result of this person’s actions. At what point does this procedure sound legit; she had parties in hotel rooms and charged folks a g to do the injections. Society has completely gone bat shit crazy. This person was putting caulking agents in people’s booties and it eventually got into their bloodstream and killed them. Ladies you have to learn to live and to love what God blessed you with. There will always be a man to love you for you. Don’t live your life by what the tv dictates or you will end up putting your lives in the hands of some sick person like this. Beauty never compensates for brains; only to the shallow in spirit. Which by the way isn’t who you should be dying to attract anyway. I said it before and I will say it again WTF???

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