Tradin Places

I crossed paths with a comrade still in the trenches the other day and it was nothing but love. I could tell the life was wearing him down though. The game put age in his face and gave him a baldy. He was fresh as hell but had an air of angst and sadness radiating from his chakras. We laughed and joked about old war stories and other things; it was like we never parted ways. After shooting the s**t for awhile he proceeded to tell me the streets are f***ed up right about now. The lil naggas are making everything hot with their petty a** beefs and snitching is at an all time high. Naggas you would have never thought would start singing are the main ones rollin over. They tired of playing the role and going to jail I guess. I am thankful I saw the light before it was too late. He told me the streets are eating alot of people whole nowadays.

Certain naggas weed habits have progressed to PCP while others are snorting like no tommorrow. You made out good Jae he told me. I should have rolled with ya. He then asked me if I wanted to trade places with him. I told naw Im good and laughed. You couldn’t pay me to go thru all that bulls**t again. He smirked and then exchanged numbers and dap and went out separate ways. I know I probably wont see him again. The next time will probably be the obituaries or in some high profile bust on the evening news. Cold part about it is he really is a good dude with a good heart. He doesn’t know anything else but the streets. Its sad he wont realize that they are a scorned mistress until its too late. I pray that God watches over him while he is doing wrong until he gets right. The complexities of this life we know are mind boggling. Funny how life can direct good spirits down treacherous paths.

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