God blessed me with the opportunity to raise one of his angels last friday. My beautiful daughter was born and it has thrust me into a transitional phase in my life. It has me reflecting on my life thus far. Currently I am residing in this euphoric dream like state. I am no longer that boy that used to look at the world with awe and excitement; I am a full fledged man. I have come along way in the understanding of not only life but of myself. Some people say children slow you down but when I look at her it just makes me wanna hustle a thousand time harder than I ever have. I feel like Neo seeing all the code around him and realizing he has the power to manipulate it at will. Alot of people use their children as their excuse as to why they didn’t conquer life; it is safe to say I am not one of those people. By giving up on yourself you are showing your child it is ok to let obstacles define and dictate their life. You are their best teacher about life for better or for worse. Their success in this life is all dependent on you. If you show them about hard work, perseverance and not taking no for an answer by your actions they will follow suit. Some say they have no motivation; how can you look at your child’s face and not be motivated to figure your kingdom out? I guess I’m from the last of a dying breed; cut from the cloth of kings past. A dinosaur of some sorts; a relic of what a man is supposed to be. Endangered species fighting off the metrosexual zombies plaguing the society we inhabit. A child will make you man up build that kingdom that destiny and fate are conspiring for you to have. If you don’t the cycle of servitude to the ruling classes will keep your family in mediocrity and slavery for eons. JoJo Dancer your life is calling.

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