Trayvon: A Year Later


A calendar has passed and aint s**t changed in America the terrible. In 2012 there was a total of 16 mass shootings in this country. Civil freedoms and individual rights were continuously chipped away by elected and appointed slime balls with clean shaves.
Sports and reality shows still diverted people from altering their living conditions with complacency and compliance to the status quo.

Obama lived to see another day in the rodeo. People lived and died in anonymity on a regular basis while celebrities were whoreshipped like Gods for acting like retards and starring in comic book movies. Athletes continued to use performance enhancing drugs while inspiring children with zero athletic ability to look at sports as the only way to a mil ticket and a wife that fights and curses other whores on TV. And for f**ks sake can we please stop saying turn up, turnt up and variations of that dumbass phrase.

Grown ass people with the maturity of 10th graders still letting their children raise themselves while they pose with others losers for instagram pics and status updates. All of this and more but still no justice for Trayvon and other people that lost their lives senselessly at the hands of racists and their local police departments. A year later and all the unity to bring Zimmerman to justice has dissipated and now it’s back popping mollys and being turnt up!! I knew it wasn’t going to last anyway tho. Anytime the masses start to give a s**t about some type of injustice it’s always short lived because the average person only pays attention as long as it’s in the media.

When one thing goes they find something else to be outraged about like a gay kindle commercial or horse meat in their brontosaurus burger. Meanwhile ol George has put on a rack of weight and keep getting his trial pushed back and out of the court of public opinion. It’s gonna keep getting pushed back to point where when someone mentions Trayvon’s name or hears the verdict in the case they will say who? The longer there is no justice for him the more people will forget. Now all the rage is about gun control after Sandy hook and The Batman Shooter.

For the record F**k all this gun control banter. No one talked about gun control when Trayvon was gunned down; no one talked about gun control when Oscar Grant was killed by a BART officer. No one talked about gun control when a brotha allegedly shot himself while he was handcuffed in the back of a squad car. No one gave a s**t about gang violence in Chicago until Hadiya Pendleton got killed and that was only because she was in Obama’s inaugaration.

You disarm a population you can conquer a population; simple. Where have all the people wearing hoodies for Trayvon gone? Where are the protests outside of the courthouse where Zimmerman is being tried? If the verdict comes back in this case as not guilty and there is no retaliation it would prove to me what I already know. Most people are full of sh**t. Rest In Paradise Trayvon Benjamin Martin. Carry on.

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