Variable Control

In order to manipulate various situations to your liking you need to control the variables. If you create the situations and control the stimuli you have already won. We often live our lives responding to stimuli we don’t create. The powers that be create the situations and supply the stimuli. They calculate the variables and all possible reactions to them.

Example: they create poverty by creating inflation and removing money from circulation. The reaction to poverty is to apply for government assistance or to commit crime. If you apply for government assistance they control the way you live your life by determining how much money you should live on. If you don’t pursue the government aide you turn to the streets. Very few people beat the streets. The majority end up in jail aka the prison industrial complex. The complex receives government funding and slave labor.

When you get out your record is tarnished and you are likely to end up back in jail. Education is in the same vein. A bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma. You go into debt to get a degree and get out with no guarantee of a well paying job or you don’t go to school and end up living in poverty and working a bullshit job. No matter how you cut the cake they still have the dough and the recipe. Certain things in life are beyond our control. The things we have control over in life are the paths we choose for ourselves.

By choosing not to find the path for ourselves we will keep continuing to react to external stimuli. Control the situation and the reactions to the variables and you will dominate your surroundings.

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