Make War Not Love

WTF is up with this? Do you see what the words are saying? Make War Not Love!!! Look at where this billboard is, in the middle of the hood. Funny thing is when i do a search online for movie posters for this film this one doesn’t come up. Don’t give me that ole oh it just a movie poster bullshit. Imagine how many people see this sign on a day to day basis. People on the bus, driving to work, walking down the street. The way this ad is placed your conscious mind wont even pick up on it but your subconscious will. Things that your subconscious mind picks up on effects your mindstate and overall well being. Imagine the millions of people this is affecting nationwide. I don’t know in what city and state this was taken in but i know where I seen this at round my way; in the heart of the hood. You cant tell me there isn’t an agenda being pushed here. It’s for some wack ass action comedy flick bout to come out. I guarantee you this billboard will remain up long after the movie is out of theaters. I guess the chemtrails aint enough. Make no mistake about it. There definitely a war going on and it’s for your mind. Keep your eyes open: yall be easy im out.

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