Both Ways

Growth is an inevitable aspect of a king’s life. Many people you once had close bond will become strangers to you. Alot of times it’s not intentional but you are growing at faster rate than them. You become distant and truthfully you don’t miss their company. You would rather be solo and focus all your time and energy to your family and your kingdom. Slowly but surely they realize that the bond has changed and the slick talk begins. You come to the realization that your relationships with these people were very one sided. You gave alot of time and energy to these relationships but the more time you spend away from them you realize it was you keepin the bonds strong not them. You was the one calling to check up on them and make sure they was good. You were the one always lookin out for them when they aint have no bread getting them sumthin to eat. But the minute you stop giving you energy they bond suffers. They get use to you giving so much that they begin to take you for granted and that you will always be around. They begin to disrespect you to your face and behind your back. Then when you get around to talkin to them months and in some cases years later they say I was just talking bout you the other day. Then they always ask where you been at, why you aint been calling me? I always tell them my phone works both ways. If you really wanted to know what was up with me you could call me. My number hasn’t changed and neither have I. I’m still the same dude I just see the way you viewed me and realize I was playin myself. If I continued to allow myself to be played you would continue to do so. Moral of the story when they ask you where you been tell them your phone works both ways and see what they say.

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