Words of Endearment

Many times as a man in a relationship the amount of words a female uses is a tell tale sign of her level of happiness at the present moment. When a woman is happy and in love you can’t get her to shut up. She will run her mouth like a leaky faucet to you about the most mundane unimportant things. She will constantly ask you a myriad of “What do you think about” questions. The reason why they do this is to seek your approval. It may be annoying to you but it shows that she cares about your opinion. By her caring about your opinion it means that she is going to align her thoughts on the matter according to your thoughts. By her doing that she is trying to stay in your favor because you have her heart. A woman doesn’t give her heart to just anybody. They will follow your lead if you stir up those emotions in them. A woman that could care less about you will never ask your opinion and holding a conversation them is like taking a trip to the dentist for a root canal. When a woman is mad at you how does she express her anger? By being quiet withholding her words. Her emotions are tied into her words. When her emotions have left the situation the amount of words she uses will decrease and they will lack substance. They will be very cold and indifferent whereas before when she was floating they were warm and love filled. Before all her words were unselfish and somehow included you. When she’s over the situation they become very singular and self centered. Example: I got to go do such and such I gotta look out for myself cuz no one else does, I gotta do me. If most men would focus on something as small as this they could save themselves a major heartache in the long run. It would also help them stop wasting time in situations their women aren’t emotionally invested in and they could move on and find the copilot they been looking for. Just another observation of a day in the life. Stay regal.

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