This the new hunnid floatin round the wilderness. It was unleashed on Tuesday and here it is Thursday and I already touched one. Crazy mane; but that aint what’s comical. What’s comical is the fact that it’s worthless in the grand scheme of things. It’s worthless because it’s not backed by anything substantial or tangible; just numbers in a computer. Money use to be backed by gold or silver way back when but somehow some genius somewhere started printing money out of thin air. By their actions the American dollar is merely a symbol of wealth. Some say that why Kennedy got slumped because he wanted to do away with interest and move the country to a silver based currency.

If he would have been successful America would have been heaven on earth; imagine no interest and just paying back the principal. People wouldn’t be slaves to bills and could live more productive lives. You need more proof it’s worthless? The debt ceiling is your answer in plain English. If the money was backed with something there would be less bills in circulation and the government would think twice about the majority of things they do. By them having the authority to print at will it devalues it substantially. What’s even worse though is that the Federal Reserve isn’t even part of the government at all. It is a private entity independent of regulation from all legislative bodies.

Those income taxes that rape your checks only serve one purpose. to pay back the interest on loans that the government owes to the Federal Reserve. That was one of the things the shutdown was about. The debt ceiling needed to be raised in order for the government to continue functioning. The are caps on how much the government can borrow quarterly. So in essence for the government to pay back it loans from other countries they have to borrow money from the federal reserve to do so. They use your blood and sweat to continuously appease their gross financial mismanagement.

Other countries are getting their weight up with precious metals such as gold and silver but America can’t readily declare war on them. So they turn to areas in the world already in turmoil with a weak power structure. They run their usual game and instead of metals they get oil. This is foreign policy in a nutshell when you break it down. If this economy flops the dollar is worthless. Its only use would be to wipe your a** because you wouldn’t even be able to buy toilet paper with it. When all else fails gold will always be king. If you closely at Ben’s face on it he has a look like “if you only knew the half”. Well now you do; build your kingdom with things that will always have worth. When you get your bread focus on gold, silver and real estate. All this other s**t aint gonna sustain your life if this country turns into the Thunderdome. Stay Regal.

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